Rhema Christian Ministries formerly known as Rhema Fellowship started in May 1990. The church began with a total 10 people and rapidly grew to become a church of qualitative worship, prayer and spiritual warfare rooted in sound biblical teaching.  As time transpired, it became clear that the birth of Rhema was not the work of man but the work of God.  It was founded on prayer (Isaiah 43:18-19), developed by prayer (Psalm 127:1) and perpetuated by prayer (Isaiah 43:5-7).

To this day, God has been faithful to His Word and we continue to exemplify the prophetic word given in 1993, an extract of which read: “…He will establish in you a new and fresh principle of His worship. It will begin where you are, it will spread through the city and nation, and touch many parts of the Body of Christ...” This principle of worship has profoundly impacted and continues to impact the lives of those who attend our services. Intertwined throughout our eventful history are visions of a bright and glorious future in God, the author and finisher of our faith.

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+44  20 8655 4155

Place of Worship

Bishop Thomas Grant School
Belltrees Grove Streatham
London SW16 2HY

Buses: 249, 417;
Nearest Station: Streatham


Rhema House,
11 Woodside Green, London SE25 5EY